Chronicle 5 Changes affects Healer Classes

Changes to Healer Classes in C5

Elven Elder and Eva's Saint

Skill Changes

  • Sleep: Base casting speed has been increased to 10s.
  • Might of Heaven: Holy property added.
  • Disrupt Undead: Holy property added.
  • Mental Shield: Effect has been reduced.
  • Holy Weapon: Casteable only on party members.
  • Greater Heal: Effect is altered to include immediate and heal over time effect so that compared to the previous effect the total heal is increased by 110~120%. About 70% is healed inmediately, and the other 30% is healed over 15s. As chant of life it goes to the 3rd row of buffs.

New Skills

  • Trance (56): High landing rate. Duration 15s. Fast casting speed. Nearly instant Cooldown. Levels 1-10.
  • Clarity (58, 66, 74): Decreases target's mp use for a short amount of time. Costs spirit ore.

    Level 1 MP consumption -4%, 1 Spirit Ore.
    Level 2 MP consumption -7%, 2 Spirit Ore.
    Level 3 MP Consumption -10%, 3 Spirit Ore.

  • Major Heal (56): Heals HP instantly. Casting speed similar to Greater Heal. Heals more than Greater Heal. Costs 1 Spirit Ore. Level 1-10. MP Cost same as Greater Heal. Can only be cast on Party Members.
  • Mana Burn (56): Burns enemy's MP. Level 1-10. Level 10 Power 162. Range 900. High chance of landing. M.Atk dependent. The ammount of MP burned is unknown.
  • Turn Undead (56): Puts undead targets in a state of fear, causing them to run away. Chance of Instant Kill. Uses Spirit Ore. Works against Necromancer Summons.
  • Erase (?): Destroy summon. High landing rate. Uses Spirit Ore.
  • Resist Unholy (58): Increases target's resistace to dark attacks for a period of time. Buff. Duration 20 minutes.

Quest - Fate's Whisper

A-Grade Weapon Quest

  1. Start quest at East of Town of Oren Castle, speak to Maestro Reorin. He will ask you to free his wife Reiria by slaying Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and get back soul orb.

  2. Shilen's Messenger Cabrio locate at North-East of The Cemetery. A box will spawn out after Shilen's Messenger Cabrio dies, you will receive Reiria's soul orb by opening it.

  3. Take the soul orb back to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go Tower of Insolence to kill 3 Raid Bosses to get 3 Infernium Scepters. A box will spawn out after Raid Boss dies, you will receive Infernium Scepters by opening it.

    Death Lord Hallate (Tower of Insolence 3rd Floor)
    Demon Kernon (Tower of Insolence 8th Floor)
    Golkonda, the Longhorn General (Tower of Insolence 11th Floor)

  4. Return 3 Infernium Scepters to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you head to Town of Oren to look for Warehouse Freightman Cliff to get Infernium Varnish for Neutralization of Infernium Scepter. Warehouse Freightman Cliff is locates at middle of Town of Oren.

  5. Return Infernium Varnish to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to make a trip to Town of Aden meet Head Blacksmith Ferris to get his Hammer in order to make A grade weapon. Head Blacksmith Ferris is locates at east side of Town of Aden.

  6. Return Maestro Reorin's Hammer, now he needs his Mold from Trader Zenkin. Trader Zenkin says he sold the Mold to Master Kaspar at Hardins Private Academy.

  7. Master Kaspar says in order to get the Mold, you will need to get Baium's blood by using the Pipette Knife that Master Kaspar gives you. To enter Baium's room, you need to get Blooded Fabric from An Arrogant Search quest.

  8. Click the Angelic Vertex with Blooded Fabric and enter the room, click on Baium and wake it. Hit Baium with Pipette Knife to collect its blood. Angelic Vertex locates at 12th floor of Tower of Insolence.

  9. Return to Master Kaspar and exchange for the Mold.

  10. Prepare your class type highest B grade weapon (Without enchant and Special ability.) and 984 B-Crystal and return the Mold to Maestro Reorin. He will reward your class type 2nd A grade weapon and Star of Destiny which is a quest item for Subclass quest.

Cooking Book

Alchemist Mixing Urn

Low Level Reagant Formulas:

Dracoplasm: 10 Wyrm's Bloods, 1 Blood Root
Magma Dust: 10 Lava Stones, 1 Volcanic Ash
Moon Dust: 10 Moonstone Shared, 1 Volcanic Ash
Necroplasm: 10 Rotten Bone Pieces, 1 Blood Root
Inferno Dust: 10 Infernium Ores, 1 Volcanic Ash
Demonplasm: 10 Demon's Bloods, 1 Blood Root

High Level Reagant Formulas:

Draconic Essence: 10 Dracoplasms, 1 Quicksilver
Fire Essence: 10 Magma Dusts, 1 Sulfur
Lunargent: 10 Moon Dusts, 1 Quicksilver
Midnight Oil: 10 Necroplasms, 1 QuickSilver
Demonic Essense: 10 Demonplasms, 1 Sulfur
Abyss Oil: 10 Inferno Dusts, 1 Sulfur
Hellfire Oil: 1 Fire Essence, 1 Demonic Essence
Nightmare Oil: 1 Lunargent, 1 Midnight Oil

Tower of Insolence

Hallate's Maid
Platinum Tribe Shaman
Platinum Guardian Shaman

Blazing Swamp

Lava Wyrm
Hamas Orc Shaman

Quest - Repend your Sins

Sin Eater

Sin Eater Quest - The quest starts off in "Hardins Privat Academy" by the Gatekeeper.

Once you port into Hardins you will run strait to the rocks. The 3rd set of rocks you will see a lady standing on top of them her name is the "Black Judge". Click on the quest link and the "Black Judge" will have you go to the "Ivory Tower" and see "Magister Joan".

Port from Hardins to Oran Castle Town, 7.300 adena, then Oran castle Town to Ivory Tower 4.400 adena.

Once your in the Ivory Tower at the Gatekeeper Verona, click the link to go to another floor. Click on the link Elven Wizard Guild 3rd floor. In here you will see Magister Joan.

Magister Joan will send you on a quest. Masister Joan will tell you ... you will need to go to the Sea of Spores and collect 3 Trisalim's Venom Sacks. Then bring them back to her.

The "Spiders".

  • Trisalin Tarantula
    Lvl. 46 / Passive / Exp. 2.666 / HP 1.931 / SP 189 / Atk. Range 40
    70% Adena 368 - 735
    1/22 Iron Ore 1 - 3
    1/22 Varnish 1 - 3
    1/56 Silver Nugget 1 - 3
    1/222 Steel 1 - 3
  • Trisalin Spider
    Lvl. 45 / Passive / Exp. 2.430 / HP 1.859 / SP 169 / Atk. Range 40
    70% Adena 335 - 669
    1/15 Thread 1 - 3
    1/29 Charcoal 1 - 3
    1/48 Cord 1 - 3
    1/120 Metalic Fiber 1 - 3
    1/8.046 C Enchantment Wep.

Go back to the Gatekeeper and port up to the 1st flood lobby and go out the south gate, then head west "turn right" to the river, go over the bridge and then make a hard right. Follow this ... Note to lower levels don't get to close to the building, I susgest you stay on the hillside and keep traveling along here till you come to the 3rd gate building that will lead you into The Sea of Spores.Run to the left 90* angle and over the burm and there will be the spiders.

Just be carful of the Drakes "Flying Dragons and Monster Eyes".

Within the first 3 spiders you kill you should recive the Venom Sacks. It's pretty easy. Now SoE out before Orfen finds you and squashes you like a bug lol.

Now you will be back in Oren or Ivory tower I forgot what town you go to SoEing out. Go back to the Magister Joan in the Elven Wizard Guild on the 3rd floor and click on the quest again. A screan will come up talking about "Good you have brought back the 3 venom sacks. Dont worry about what the rest of the story says because there is no link in there to do anything. Close the window then click the quest again, then close it there still will not be any links in there.

This part is done.

Now go back to the Black Judge in Hardins Privat Academy. Port to Oren Castle Town 4.400 adena. Hardins Privat Academy 7.300 its cheeper then to Hunters Village then to Hunters then to Hardins Privat Academy. Hunters Village is 8.200.

The Black Judge will have you go to Giran and see Blacksmith Pushkin. When in Giran go to the west gate at the end on the right is the blacksmith.

Blacksmith Pushkin will give you a list to gather for the Manacles of Penitent. You can find all of the parts in Giran for this.

Recipe for Penitents Manacle:

1 Blacksmiths Frame
5 Steel
2 Adamantite Nuggets
10 Silver Nuggets
10 Cokes

When you get all of the parts for the Recipe go to the Blacksmith Pushkin and click on the quest. He will creat the Manacles of Penitent.

Now go back to the Black Judge in Hardins Privet Academe and click on the quest again he will then give you your Sin Eater.

Here comes the fun part... just level up the sineater one lvl and then bring it back to the Black judge and he will take off some of your PK count from 1 PK up to 12 PK's. Leveling up the Sin Eater one level will depend on your lever on how fast it levels up. I leveled mine in one hour. I suggest doing it out of party, the Sin Eater will get all of the XP and you will not recive any. Also carry Rez scrolls for the sin Eater incase it dies and SoE's for porting.

You will also need to get "Wolf food" to feed the Sin Eater.

A-Grade Robe (Sets)

Dark Crystal Robe

Increase Pdef. 8%, Casting Speed +15%, +7 Run Speed, Slightly reduces Chance of Spell Interruption, Chance of Paralysis -50%, WIT +2, MEN -2

Majestic Robe

Maximum MP + 240, Magic Casting Speed +15%, MP recovery speed + 8%, vulnerability to Stun reduced 50%, MEN +1, INT -1.

Nightmare Robe

Increase MP Recovery 4%, Matk. +8%, Chance of Sleep/Root -70%, INT +2, WIT -2.

Tallum Robe

Casting Speed +15%, Mdef. +8%, Vulnerability to Poisoning/Bleed reduced 80%, INT -2, WIT +2.

A-Grade Robes