Quest - Fate's Whisper

A-Grade Weapon Quest

  1. Start quest at East of Town of Oren Castle, speak to Maestro Reorin. He will ask you to free his wife Reiria by slaying Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and get back soul orb.

  2. Shilen's Messenger Cabrio locate at North-East of The Cemetery. A box will spawn out after Shilen's Messenger Cabrio dies, you will receive Reiria's soul orb by opening it.

  3. Take the soul orb back to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go Tower of Insolence to kill 3 Raid Bosses to get 3 Infernium Scepters. A box will spawn out after Raid Boss dies, you will receive Infernium Scepters by opening it.

    Death Lord Hallate (Tower of Insolence 3rd Floor)
    Demon Kernon (Tower of Insolence 8th Floor)
    Golkonda, the Longhorn General (Tower of Insolence 11th Floor)

  4. Return 3 Infernium Scepters to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you head to Town of Oren to look for Warehouse Freightman Cliff to get Infernium Varnish for Neutralization of Infernium Scepter. Warehouse Freightman Cliff is locates at middle of Town of Oren.

  5. Return Infernium Varnish to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to make a trip to Town of Aden meet Head Blacksmith Ferris to get his Hammer in order to make A grade weapon. Head Blacksmith Ferris is locates at east side of Town of Aden.

  6. Return Maestro Reorin's Hammer, now he needs his Mold from Trader Zenkin. Trader Zenkin says he sold the Mold to Master Kaspar at Hardins Private Academy.

  7. Master Kaspar says in order to get the Mold, you will need to get Baium's blood by using the Pipette Knife that Master Kaspar gives you. To enter Baium's room, you need to get Blooded Fabric from An Arrogant Search quest.

  8. Click the Angelic Vertex with Blooded Fabric and enter the room, click on Baium and wake it. Hit Baium with Pipette Knife to collect its blood. Angelic Vertex locates at 12th floor of Tower of Insolence.

  9. Return to Master Kaspar and exchange for the Mold.

  10. Prepare your class type highest B grade weapon (Without enchant and Special ability.) and 984 B-Crystal and return the Mold to Maestro Reorin. He will reward your class type 2nd A grade weapon and Star of Destiny which is a quest item for Subclass quest.