Chronicle 5 Changes affects Healer Classes

Changes to Healer Classes in C5

Elven Elder and Eva's Saint

Skill Changes

  • Sleep: Base casting speed has been increased to 10s.
  • Might of Heaven: Holy property added.
  • Disrupt Undead: Holy property added.
  • Mental Shield: Effect has been reduced.
  • Holy Weapon: Casteable only on party members.
  • Greater Heal: Effect is altered to include immediate and heal over time effect so that compared to the previous effect the total heal is increased by 110~120%. About 70% is healed inmediately, and the other 30% is healed over 15s. As chant of life it goes to the 3rd row of buffs.

New Skills

  • Trance (56): High landing rate. Duration 15s. Fast casting speed. Nearly instant Cooldown. Levels 1-10.
  • Clarity (58, 66, 74): Decreases target's mp use for a short amount of time. Costs spirit ore.

    Level 1 MP consumption -4%, 1 Spirit Ore.
    Level 2 MP consumption -7%, 2 Spirit Ore.
    Level 3 MP Consumption -10%, 3 Spirit Ore.

  • Major Heal (56): Heals HP instantly. Casting speed similar to Greater Heal. Heals more than Greater Heal. Costs 1 Spirit Ore. Level 1-10. MP Cost same as Greater Heal. Can only be cast on Party Members.
  • Mana Burn (56): Burns enemy's MP. Level 1-10. Level 10 Power 162. Range 900. High chance of landing. M.Atk dependent. The ammount of MP burned is unknown.
  • Turn Undead (56): Puts undead targets in a state of fear, causing them to run away. Chance of Instant Kill. Uses Spirit Ore. Works against Necromancer Summons.
  • Erase (?): Destroy summon. High landing rate. Uses Spirit Ore.
  • Resist Unholy (58): Increases target's resistace to dark attacks for a period of time. Buff. Duration 20 minutes.