Vesper Weapon Giveaway

Magok presenting her Vesper Duals

Notice to all players

A sudden issue with some Vesper Weapon drop-rates has taken effect on all servers, resulting in ordinary monsters all around Aden dropping Vesper weapons at a high frequency. The first report was sent by a character who claimed that their armor and weapon had transformed into Vesper. The on-duty GM entered the game to verify this, but he only saw a strange glow around the character's weapon. The character then emailed a screenshot of their situation and this proved that the character was indeed also wearing Vesper armor and carrying a glowing Vesper weapon. It seems that the transformations cannot be seen by other players.

A hotfix was released to keep the Vesper Weapons from being picked up by players, but testing confirmed that the hotfix neglected to remove one of the weapons. It was determined that some real Vesper weapons could not be removed from the servers. Read below for details on the bug.


Please do not be alarmed if an unexpected affect occurs when you pick up a Vesper weapon. During an emergency phone conference with the developers regarding this issue, they decided that if a real Vesper weapon slips into a player's inventory, they may keep it.

Magok presenting her Vesper Duals

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