The Great Mouse Hunt

Nisela shooting a Mouse

Dread Pirate Zaken has placed a wicked curse upon his treacherous crew for pilfering treasure from right beneath his nose. Zaken's granddaughter, Bonny, is trying to set things right once more. She needs your aid to free the cursed crew from their unfortunate fate as giant mice!

The Great Mouse Hunt

"Those fools! Can you believe it? His very own crew, stealing from him. You'd think that after the pig fiasco they'd be scared out of the their britches at the mere thought of stealing from their all-powerful undead captain. Not too bright, if you ask me. Now look at them. They've been turned into mice! Eating cheese all day doesn't seem like too bad of a fate, but . . . I do feel a little sorry for them just the same.

I have a lot less compassion for the cursed crew than I did for the hapless thieves who stole from my grandfather last time, but I do have one concern. Who's going to man his ship? Not me, that's for sure! This is a problem. I think the crew have learned their lesson. Don't you? I'll tell you what, if you help me undo this mess, I'll make it worth your while. I'll even put in a good word for you with grandpa! What do you say?"

Cursed Raiders

Cursed Raiders: These ordinary pirates were turned into mice that travel alone, but are able to stun you when you attack them. Fire a Pardon shot during the stun for the most effective results!

Cursed Deckhands

Cursed Deckhands: These pirates travel in packs and will call upon a Cursed Buccaneer if attacked.

Cursed Buccaneers

Cursed Buccaneers: The biggest, burliest of all the pirates, the Cursed Buccaneer is best taken on in a group.

Cursed Lookouts

Cursed Lookouts: These reclusive pirates were the masterminds behind the pilfering operation, so they carry the most Mouse Coins.