Rights and Responsibilities of Healers/Buffers

Rights and Responsibilities of Healers/Buffers


  • always support your team.
  • be aware of your party's HP and MP and try to improve party's strategy when needed or advice to change the spot when needed.
  • listen to what the tank has to say (he is choosing mobs, keeping aggro on him and goes down first). Dead tank = dead party.
  • agree an party strategy at the beginning of the party; tell what buffs/dances/songs are needed for everyone, when to heal in case of CDL, Frenzy, Bizon and other necessary things. Don't hesitate to advise other members on their startegy on that stage, because you can improve party's stategy or learn something new.
  • tell when rebuff, do invocation, you are low mana and so on ...
  • support actively when needed; supporters please don't forget about your debuffs: Root, Sleep, Trance and other can be crucial for your party.
  • don't waste your mana; heal only when it's necessary and don't root all mobs you can see, because it's useless and you can do more harm than help.
  • try to know skills of people you party with; other thing which can improve the quality of party and can be later usefull on PvP.


  • to party within the clan; the main reason for supporters leaving their clans is no clan party.
  • to get clan help with quests and getting new gear; it's almost impossible for support to do quests alone and also they don't have many ways of making adena. Well equipped support can work much better for party.
  • to have mana in party; if the support says "no mana" it means he can't support anymore so he is useless and party often dies.
  • to have a quiet moment when buffing; please, it doesn't cost much, so try not to fight and wait patiently for your buffs (check if u have all of what u need, everyone can make a mistake). Dont aggro mobs at that time because, support is busy then, can't heal you and usually needs to run to you, so you get down. Also if you are beeing buffed and you aggro mobs on you, support gets the aggro!.
  • to invocate in peace; all should protect invocating support not to get any damage, because he is very vulnerable and looses mana he can get from invocation.
  • to be treated like a full party member; never say 'buff us and get lost" because you will sing differently when doing mass PvP and siege ... also don't say every time" heal him, do that, now that, unless you have completely incompetent support. We don't tell you when to nuke of use backstab, we know our job and usually know better how to support ... Exception is Party Recall - you should always tell your Eleven Elder, Eva's Saint if PR is needed because busy with healing party members he may not be able to see enemies and so on ...

Source: Eskulapka on Gustin