Raising Rudolf

December 15th, 2009 - Raising Rudolf

Santa's reindeer have unionized and gone on strike in an attempt to earn themselves extra vacation time! This has obviously perturbed Santa, seeing as they already have a monumental 364 days off every year. So, instead of bowing to their demands, old St. Nicholas has turned to the brave adventurers of Lineage II. Help raise brand new reindeer in time for Christmas and reward the children of Aden for all the good deeds they've done this year. Who knows, there might even be something in it for those who help out too!

Feeding Baby Rudolph

  • Baby Rudolph pets must be fed Baby Food so it can grow into a Rudolph.
  • To use the Baby Food, select the Rudolph and double-click on the Baby Food icon. The Baby Rudolph will evolve into a Rudolph.

Baby Rudolph

Feeding Rudolf

  • Fruit Baskets should be fed to Rudolph to raise it into an Adult Rudolph.
  • Fruit Baskets drop regularly from mobs throughout the world.
  • Rudolph will automatically eat the Fruit Baskets that are dropped. Players cannot pick up Fruit Baskets.

Adult Rudolph

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