L2P and L2Guru created an web based calculator called L2Calc, to show charater states under different conditions. You can select Equippment, Passive Skills, Buffs, Toggle Buffs and Debuffs. The current version on Oct. 26 in 2006 is v0.24 (BETA).

List of Boss Jewelry

Earring of Antharas

Resistance to Earth attribute +15% Resistance to Bleed attribute 80% Resistance to Shock and Derangement attributes 60% Heals heal for 10% more MP Cost -5% Vampiric Rage Effect 4%

Earring of Orfen

Resistance to Bleed attribute +40% Heals are 6% more effective

Earring of Zaken

Resistance to Bleed attribute +60% Resistance to Shock and Derangement attributes 40% Heals are 10% more effective Vampiric Rage effect 4%

Necklace of Valakas

Resistance to Fire attribute +15% Resistance to Sleep attribute 80% HP +445 P.Atk. +4% M.Atk. +8% Magic Critical Rate +100% Reuse Delay -10% Reflect 5% of melee range physical damage back on the attacker

Ring of Baium

Resistance to Poison attribute +80% Resistance to Hold attribute 60% Accuracy +2 Critical Damage +15% Atk. Spd. +4% Casting Spd. +4%

Ring of Core

Resistance to Poison attribute +40% Accuracy +1

Ring of Queen Ant

Resistance to Poison attribute +60% Hold +40% Accuracy +2 Critical Damage +15%