Gracia Plus - Additional linked skills for Elven Elders

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List of available skills. The class column shows what class regulary got this skill.

Skill Picture Repose 13 Diminishes undead monster's will to attack. Bishop
Skill Picture Hold Undead 12 Paralyzes an undead monster for 30 seconds. Bishop
Skill Picture Requiem 14 Sings a requiem that prevents nearby undead monsters from making preemptive attacks for 2 minutes. Bishop
Skill Picture Peace 15 Puts target's mind at peace. Desire to attack is decreased. Bishop
Skill Picture Greater Battle Heal 33 Rapidly restores the target's HP by 858 Power. Bishop
Skill Picture Magical Backfire 10 Increases the enemy's skill MP consumption by 200% for 1 minute. Bishop
Skill Picture Mana Storm 5 Supplements user's M. Atk. with 81 Power to consume nearby enemies' MP. Bishop
Skill Picture Major Group Heal 5 Restores the HP of all party members by 1170 Power. Consumes 4 Spirit Ores. Bishop
Skill Picture Body of Avatar 6 Restores HP of all party members by 35% and increases Max HP by 35% for 20 minutes. Bishop
Skill Picture Prayer 3 Increases the power of HP recovery magic received by all party members by 12% for 20 minutes. Bishop
Skill Picture Mass Rez 6 Resurrect a dead clan member, also restores 55 percent of Exp. Bishop
Skill Picture Benediction 1 Fully restores party members' HP. Can be used when MP is under 25%. Bishop
Skill Picture Celestial Shield 1 Protects the target with sacred power, making it invincible for 10 seconds. Bishop
Skill Picture Restore Life 4 Recovers HP by 15 percent. Bishop
Skill Picture Focus 3 Increases critical attack rate by 30% for 20 minutes. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Empower 3 Increases M. Atk. by 65% for 20 minutes. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Guidance 3 Increases accuracy by 4 for 20 minutes. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Death Whisper 3 Increases critical attack power by 35% for 20 minutes. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Vampiric Rage 4 For 20 minutes, 9% of the standard short-range physical damage inflicted on the enemy is recovered as HP. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Holy Resistance 3 Increases resistance to divine attacks by 30 for 20 minutes. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Bless the Blood 7 For 15 seconds, bestows the blessing of blood upon party members. Recovers HP by a certain rate when being attacked. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Stigma of Shilen 4 For 30 seconds, decreases resistance to short-range weapons by 24. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Resist Wind 3 Increases resistance to wind attacks by 20 for 20 minutes. Shilien Elder
Skill Picture Purify 3 Cancels paralysis and flint and cures moderate poison/bleed condition. Shilien Elder

You will receive an item (Holy Pomander) when your Elven Elder finishes her 3rd class quest.

You will be able to choose 1 linked skills from the list above.

In exchange for 10 mil Adena you will be able to receive your item back and you can choose different linked skills as often you want.

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