Gracia - New Skills for Elven Elder

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Healers will get a new kind of root skill at level 44 that can be learned 3 levels, which will allow them to use magic attack skills. With the skill the following sub skills can be used.

Inquisitor (Lv. 44)

Type: Active
Cost: 39 MP
SP Cost: 117.000 SP
Description: Those who sit in judgement against the authority of God's ability to receive grants. And be able to use magic to attack the holy properties. Transformation effect with no appearence change.

Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment

Holy based attack, power 57. Single target low MP cost fast reset holy attribute nuke.

Surrender to Holy

Surrender to Holy/Divine?

Lowers target def to holy atks, also increases target's dark resist. Strips resist holy and reduces holy defense by -20, strengthens targets darkness by +20.

Holy Curse

Holy Curse

Prevents target getting healed at the same time target will continuously reducing HP. Prevents the target from receiving healing and applies a DoT effect to the target.

Holy Storm

Holy Storm/Divine Turmoil?

Holy based area atk, power 90.

Other Changes

Elven Elder: Greater Group Heal.

The new skill "Inquisitor" has been added for all Healer classes. (Initial acquisition at level 44.)

New magic attack skills that can only be used while in the Inquisitor state have been added.

Changes of Existing Skills

Protection of Rune, Protection of Elemental, Protection of Alignment: The passive effect has been increased, and upon activation, M. Def. and attribute defense are increased.

Wild Magic (Skill): The magic critical rate has been adjusted.