4th Anniversary of Hatschiline

Hatschiline is now since 4 years on Gustin. Looking back in time here are some big moments of her past life. Sadly at the same time Gustin got vanished and reborn as Phoenix.

The first Login Screen, Harbingers of War - Chaotic Cronicle 1, right after Prelude.


Level 20 Elven Oracle. Small rest close to dangerous Spiders.

Level 20.

Level 40 becoming an Elven Elder, fighting with Leto Lizarmen Agents to recover intel.

Level 40.

Level 52, Blue Wolf looks so cute.

Blue Wolf Robe.

Level 61, great times in the Ancient Battlegrounds. So now you think she went A-Grade? At that time, she was already S-Grade, later they changed it to 76.

Level 61 in the Ancient Battlegrounds.

Hatschiline did not like to level her subclass in first and so she decided to start first her 3rd class.

3rd Class Change Quest.

Subclass Elemental Summoner hit level 75. Her Highness, Baroness Hatschiline.

Her Highness, Baroness Hatschiline.

Whats next? Pantsu, Pantsu ...

Pantsu, Pantsu ...

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